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John Millei

SPECTRUM: Contrast in Process


Featuring Artists: Charles Arnoldi and Diana Clauss

All art consists of a concept embedded in the material. The concept is what the artist chooses to present to the audience. "SPECTRUM: Contrast in Process" shows the beautiful works of two artists and their journey to express a concept.

Charles Arnoldi, a master of color and composition, was looking to solve the riddle of “how to make a multi-story painting on canvas” and he found the answer in his own earlier works, fragmenting the picture plane by using multiple canvases of various sizes to form one masterful statement. Arnoldi’s drawings are equally as intriguing as his process is about start to finish, in an expert control of line and shading.Diana Clauss’s vision is often to achieve a tension, optimize impact, or more thoroughly communicate or express the concept of the changing landscape until very little of the original image of landscape remains. She uses melted beeswax by adding graphite, mica, charcoal and iron oxides- all earthy elements, to achieve the desired effect of altered landscape.

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Cahrles Arnoldi
Charles Arnoldi
Diana Clauss
Diana Clauss