Golf at Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale

COVID-19 Precautions

Practicing safe social distancing? Look no further than The Short Course. Enjoy some fresh air, exercise, and a safe environment with the serene backdrop of Camelback Mountain. Learn more about our current operations and safety measures.

How many holes does the course have?

The Short Course features 18 holes, all par-3.

How long does the course take to play?

You can play all 18 holes in less than three hours, or play 9 holes in an hour and a half.

Is there a dress code?

Socially accepted golf shirts are appreciated, but your comfort is most important. The nicer you look, the better you will play, so goes the rumor. Shorts can be just about any style, but please do try to present them at a length that everyone wants to look at and remember that gym shorts are for the gym. Footwear is encouraged on the course for reasons of safety and should be of a type and style that will not damage the putting greens. On that note, no high heels, boots or the like, please.

What is the yardage?

Holes range from 75 to 200 yards, creating a unique and challenging golf experience. Total yardage for the course is 2,310 (back), 2,065 (middle), and 1,735 (forward).

What are the featured holes?

The tough-as-nails No. 4, "Biarritz," with its uphill climb to a Biarritz green, features a sunken swale that traverses the putting surface.

The beloved No. 7 "Jutty" is an ultra-short hole across the water to a peninsula green that juts out into the famous Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale pond.

The "Punchbowl" No. 10 is a secluded, pocketed green with stunning views of Camelback Mountain’s Camelhead.

The dual-green at No. 13 and No. 14, "Mummy" and "Dell," sports a bunker within the green in homage to the famous 6th hole at the Riviera.

The plateau No. 16, "Scotch Notch," is a wedge hole to an elevated green.

"The Forrest Wager" is a unique, par-2 betting hole where 40-yard putts and chips cascade over a rolling green to settle bets or press the match.

What size is the course?

The course totals 34 acres, including 13.5 acres of turf, 19 acres of naturalized area, 2.6 acres of greens, 1.1 acres of greens and 1 acre of pond.

What type of turf does the course feature?

The greens at The Short Course are maintained to tour standards and feature TifDwarf turf, rolled and double cut daily to provide the truest possible playing surfaces.

How many bunkers are there?


Who is the course architect?

Golf course architect Forrest Richardson completely redesigned the course, which originally opened in 1961. For many years he worked for Jack Snyder, the original course architect.

Is there a restaurant at the course?

Yes, Rusty’s patio and lounge offers beer, wine, cocktails and delicious American fare.

Do resort guests have preferred access to any other courses?

Yes, overnight guests of Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale can enjoy special pricing and preferred access to 36 holes of championship golf at Camelback Golf Club.

What is the smallest green?

No. 5, at 3,400 square feet.

What is the largest green?

No. 13-14, at 17,000 square feet.