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Richard Hogan

Under Construction

MAY 6 - JUNE 30

Under Construction is a group exhibition of four artists whose work explores various ways that form and material relay meaning beyond simply the physical, including the works of visual artists Turner G. Davis, Casey Farina, Elysia Holland Michaelsen and Patricia Sannit. The exhibition spans the mediums of video, sculpture, painting and drawing, while remaining focused on conceptual nods woven into all of the works throughout the ways in which they come together and the final structures they arrive at.

In this way, the surface and substrate take on symbolic significance in Davis’ paper works while the fibers rise up and attempt to take on form. Sannit’s sculptural works beckon the viewer to consider the marriage of strata in her pieces, which become so solid and individualized from one another so as to be assuming identity. Michaelson’s constructions convey the spirit of a maquette being both assembled and disassembled simultaneously, familiar architectural nods that seem to be permanently fixed in their influx state of being. Video sculptures by Farina bring the construction of drawing into a dreamy fluid state, transfixing the viewer with their dichotomy of process and product, of being and becoming. Under Construction zooms into the ways in which the methodology woven into the process of a constructed object becomes a greater extension of the meaning of the object, demonstrating how layers of conceptual significance can be woven into the process of making.

The Gallery is curated by John Reyes of Reyes Contemporary Art. Reyes is a fixture of the Valley art scene who was raised in Douglas, Arizona, and whose family has been in the territory since before the Gadsden Purchase.

The Gallery is Curated by Reyes Contemporary Art