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a masterpiece


Modern design and true works of art come together in The Gallery at Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale. Explore museum-quality exhibitions by artists with connections to Arizona, with new works debuted every two months. Don't miss our gallery tours, as well as art opening receptions that feature engaging conversation with the artists and curator paired with wine and hors d'oeuvre from Hearth '61.

Richard Hogan

the medium is the message


The Medium is the Message brings together renowned artists of diverse mediums, each exploring their technical adeptness in the fabrication of their art. All of the artists take their influences, location, expertise, personal histories, religion, sex, style, and gender into the making of their exceptional artistic expressions.

The choice of the artistic format and the method by which the color is applied have important effects on the characteristics of the finished work, since each medium has its own limitations and opportunities for potential. The artists included in this exhibition weave, paint, scratch surfaces, build up layers, use fire, cast bronze, incorporate watercolors, use a potter’s wheel, and explore the use of many wondrous materials to create their finalized pieces.

The artists that are featured in the exhibition span many generations and cultural backgrounds, and include Heidi Abrahamson, Charles Arnoldi, John Albert Armstrong, Kristin Bauer, John Tuomisto Bell, Judy Chicago, Miro Chun, James G. Davis, Casey Farina, Richard Hogan, Hans Hoffman, Jasper Johns, Jun Kaneko, Beverly McIver, John Millei, Keith Milow, Manuel Neri, Jon Eric Riis, Joseph Shetler, and Beth Ames Swartz.

The Gallery is Curated by Reyes Contemporary Art