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Modern design and true works of art come together in The Gallery at Mountain Shadows. Explore museum-quality exhibitions by Arizona artists, with new featured artists every two months.

Saguaro With Halo


Featuring Works by John Armstrong and Dorothy Fratt

At its surface, this exhibition juxtaposes the hard lined compositions of John Armstrong with the color fields of Dorothy Fratt, but together these works delve into the rich history of abstraction. At its core, abstraction does not attempt to accurately depict a visual reality, but instead uses shape, color, and gesture to achieve a similar effect; a visual language intuitively understood by both the maker and viewer.

About john armstrong

For Armstrong, representation still serves a purpose in the pure abstract. There are images to be missed and found within his undulating compositions of bold and translucent layers. He masterfully combines imagery we logically understand with imagery we instinctively understand, resulting in work that is complex, yet resolved.

About dorothy fratt

Working in a style born out of the Abstract Expressionist movement, Fratt explores the relationship of color and its physical and emotional impact on the viewer. Drawing colors from her environment, she works quickly through hundreds of color sketches to create, what may be only, a single piece; playing with intensity, contrast, and subtlety. This intuitive, yet strategic, arrangement of colors results in works that strike a surprising balance between harmony and discord.

curated by John Reyes, owner & director of Reyes Contemporary Art

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John Armstrong - Red Curtain
John Armstrong - Untitled
Dorothy Fratt - Thalo

upcoming exhibitions

at mountain shadows

A new exhibition debuts at The Gallery every two months, exploring a wide range of styles, media and subject matter. Join us for our opening receptions to learn about the art and enjoy a discussion with our curator and special guests.

JULY 1 - AUG 26

Established Artists

Featuring Works by John Armstrong & Dorothy Fratt

SEPT 1 - OCT 28

YOUNG Artists


Featuring Works by Kristin Bauer, Ryan Campbell, Casey Farina, & Travis Ivey


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