The Short Course comes with a bonus, Hole 17.5. The Forrest Wager is a long, flowing green where the object is to play against your opponents in similar fashion to the popular golf game Bingo Bango Bongo. Here, one point is awarded for the closest to the hole on the first shot played. Another for the first player to hole out (the farthest plays first, as always). And a third point for the lowest score. Affectionately described as a par-2, The Forrest Wager can serve to settle bets, solidify a press or determine a tie-breaker. Enjoy a fun challenge before for the final hole. Who’s picking up a round at Rusty’s?

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There’s always a new reason to play The Short Course. Choose from couples golf events, wine happenings, a classic martini lunch and golf, The Mountain Shadows Skins Game and seasonal specials.



Rusty’s patio and lounge feeds hungry golfers and spectators in classic style. After a day on the links, some good-natured ribbing between friends may be in order. What better place to go than Rusty’s, where golfers can lick their wounds after being a little rusty on the course?