Mark Vinci: Avenues of Scraping Steel

Art within
a masterpiece


JANUARY 25 - 31, 2022

This exhibition featured work from four-time, Emmy award winning graphic designer and artist Mark Vinci. Vinci’s design sensibilities shape his interest in car culture and mechanics. He literally uses crushed car parts to create sculptural wall pieces that capture the feeling of motion. He employs unconventional techniques and often collaborates with transportation professionals using steamrollers to flatten metal, transforming the material to resemble sinuous fabrics.

With concepts informed by the mid to late 1950’s Pop Art Movement, Vinci brings objects and images together to comment on popular culture and mass media messaging. He recontextualizes recycled billboard material to create dynamic large scale, collaged compositions that challenge viewer perceptions and create new meaning.

"My work is dynamic visual abstraction about urban movement and the transient visual moments captured at high speed. The snippets and fragments framed and defined by the cityscape, quickly forgotten, leave a residual imprint that is an unconscious distillation of our collective experience."

- Mark Vinci